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Fundraise with Us!

Need money for your school, church or non-profit organization?  Well you've come to the right people.  Fatte Alberts Pizza Company takes great pride in giving back to our community.  Their are several ways we can help your organization with fundraising.  Invite us to your special event and we will bring our awesome pizza truck out fully loaded with pizza and draft rootbeer.  You see our pizza truck is fully equipped with a draft system to pour ice cold draft rootbeer straight from a fresh keg.  But it gets better, as our truck can also hold up to 160 large pizzas in our hotbox.  We can sell hot pizza by the slice and ice cold draft rootbeer all day. invite us out and we will donate 20 percent of our gross sales right back to your organization.

If that's not what your looking for to fundraise and need something bigger and better, try this one on for size. Your organization can presale pizza tickets as your group can designate a date at your organizations location and we will bring out presold pizza in our fatte alberts pizza truck.  The presold ticket include one large cheese or pepperoni pizza and a 2-liter of pop.  Tickets are sold for $20.00.  For every ticket sold your organization keeps $8.00 dollars. 


You can see how quickly you can raise funds for your organization.  Give us a call for more info and ask for Steve.

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