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With over 30 years of restaurant experience between them, Steve and Wendy feel right at home in the pizza kitchen at Fatte Albert’s Pizza Company in downtown Hanford.  Just as Wendy grew up in her family’s pizzeria, their four children can be seen regularly hanging out at the downtown Hanford pizza shop sitting next to Dad as he hand rolls every fresh dough ball, or folding pizza boxes with Mom on the counter.

Born in Hanford and raised in local farming and agriculture communities, Steve and Wendy decided to make Hanford their home and felt that downtown Hanford was the perfect setting for what they had envisioned for the pizzeria they had long dreamed of.

With their kids in local schools and Steve a Marine Corps veteran, giving back to the community that gives so much to them is priority number one.  Shopping local and utilizing local produce, meats, cheese and dairy has always been important to the integrity of Fatte Albert’s Pizza Company.

As other pizza restaurants take short cuts with frozen dough balls, processed meats, cheeses and frozen veggies, we pay more and put more time and effort into our prep process which begins hours before we open our doors.  With that said keep in mind that we are not a fast food establishment.  Everything is made right when you order it, so sit back and enjoy an ice cold pint or a cream soda and watch your dough being hand-tossed and created into a pizza masterpiece from our family to yours!


Newly expanded with plenty of room for meetings and events! If you already have the percect venue that's okay too. We cater our entire menu and then some with our fully equipped Fatte Wagon.

Something for everyone. Individual pizzas (Indies) to the massive 28" Fatte (Pronounced Fatty), ginormous calzones built for two, grinder sandwiches, and crisp, creative salads. Every pizza is hand-tossed and prepared right in front of your eyes. We have nothing to hide as you'll see you can walk through our kitchen! Sample 16 draught beers or kick back a cream soda while you wait for perfection!

I hail from Fresno, and received the opportunity to go and try Fatte Alberts for the first time. In my humble experience, I was made a believer of Fatte Alberts, in Hanford, to be the best, in quality and in flavor, that I know, anywhere! I had the priveledge to return shortly thereafter, but this time I brought a friend (he is a food connoisseur, of sorts). He was very impressed. If great unforgettable pizza is what you seek - go to Fatte Alberts, in a hurry!"



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